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Inspiration started this conversation

"People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care." ~ John C. Maxwell
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Will you have the Drive Thru Christmas Lights this year?
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Nice pictures.
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Hi my name is Brenda Hulsebus im in need of getting a automatic car donated if you know of any place that helps people we are having hardship you can read my page it tells you more about it.i live in corbin ky.
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Haven't been on here in a long time. I just came through to give an update. I always think about you and your kind heart. How have you been?
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Hi Inspiration! :) How have you been lately? I'm also a longtime Aidpage member.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to sparky24
What I know about the courts and the gov they are slow about doing anything. I will tell u this a friend own the IRS he was making his payment s every mo they sent him a letter in DEC said u have over pay us we are sending u a check well to this date they still got him making the payment and they even sent him a letter said he was pay up he has call made copy's of the letter now they told him bit is clear up it on there end where they mass up well still no check
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Hi mother was ordered to pay back restitution to the Dept of Justice (DOJ) in 2000 in the amount of $166000 and she just finished paying it off in April but they're still taking the same monthly amount out of her retirement so they actually owe her money. They are giving her the runaround and now with May coming up I believe the same thing is going to happen again. They won't tell her who is refunding her money to her other than the court clerk and when she called around trying to contact the court clerk they were telling her she wasn't owed money but they put her lien release in to get the court order removed. The agent from the DOJ working her case tells her she put in the paperwork and that her refund is coming from the clerk so there is nothing else she can do about it. Is there any type of legal recourse that she has in this matter? Thank you.
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Long time. I pray that all is well with you. Please continue to keep my family in prayer. Things have been looking up with a few bumps and bruises. However, I'm still trucking.
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hi there lovely how are you? i lost my contact information for the site but glad i found it how are you
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Christmas lights
I would love directions to Rockmart for the christmas lights please
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Hintze family
My family of 4 would like directions. We live in Dallas GA 2 girls 7 & 10 thank you for the opportunity thank you Dan
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Hi inspiration
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I live in Yorkville and would like to bring my kids by. Can I have directions. Thank you!
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So nice to know that someone out there is really trying to help people whatever way they can
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Dj sha
Hello Inspiration How are you doing? It's been awhile since I have seen your page this new site is so weird and confusing as I was used to the old one. I remember you sharing many good resources. I am in Medina, Ohio now, I had to move from Cleveland it's a long story...but If you have anything that might be of a resource to me let me know. Hope your doing well.
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Are you doing the lights this year? 2013
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hansue.ght   in reply to hansue.ght
In Santa Cruz Cali.
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I was wonding If there was any aid with helping pay to take the GED test?
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