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Hello inspiration how are you? I want to share something with you urgently,
From Akram Raza
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Enelisora
Click on your name visible in the right upper corner of the screen - you'll see a menu. Go to "Edit my public info"...

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Hi, I am Rosie.
I am sorry to botter, but I do not know how to change my name because I have put my real name and would like to change it for a nick to have more privacy. Could you help me?
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How are you? It took me a while to figure out this system and Im still not crazy about it! hope all is well with your boys
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Mrs virtous angel81
When sending a message you would send it like you would send if you were on facebook. Click on the persons profile then send message
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I need help please. I was invited to attend a conference in Italy. A grant of $1500 has already heen secured but can only be given on the confirmation of attendance by the conference chair. So one need to first use his/her money to register, get visa, and pay for flight. On this note, I need your help to about $2500 to help me sort out things. I am an unemployed graduate with nobody to turn to for help. I believe God will use you to help me. More grants will also be provided before the conference starts (conference starts by July 22-27). I need to apply for visa on time. I pray that God will bless you as you help me. Any prove you need can be provided. If you so wish you can call me on +2348034113213 or email me on Thank you.
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Inspiration
Hi Inspiration... please, try again to post one-to-one to us (AidpageTeam). We did some work on this bug today.
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Inspiration   in reply to bookworm2011
I am having trouble with my one-to-one messages too. I just happened to see this message that you posted publicly or I would have missed it. I am still fighting the school system. I found out that they won't hear my appeal to the state until June 14th and school is out on May 25th. How much sense does that make? However, I want them to proceed so that I could use up as much of their time and resources as possilble. Talk to you soon.
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Just wanted to say hi, having difficulties responding here unless its public but hope that all is well with you. Please keep in contact, if you message me, I have to respond publicly or else you can email me. If I can help you out with anything please let me know, you are such a blessing to everyone here,
hope you had a wonderful mothers day,
talk to you soon
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Amy of the Lakes

Hello, Inspiration. You truly are. We are around the same age. It's good to meet you.

This is a video we made for a reality show to try to help us. We're just about to get it together, but while I'm scrambling, the bottom falls out. What's happening right now is we're about to be homeless. Our landlords are sick of waiting. Hey, I'm sick of waiting, too. I know how they feel. I've not been sitting around waiting -- I've been in perpetual motion getting things going. And then everything else comes to a grinding halt. I feel like I've pulled this huge cart full of dreams and possibilities for years. Every time I unpack one big boulder into the real world, someone throws in a whole load of gravel and it's just as heavy as before.

What I need from SOMEONE is a loan for $4,400 by Wednesday. I don't think that's going to happen. I'm willing to be energetic, light, amazing and innovative. But my perpetualness is fading and my enduring hope is reaching its end.

Thanks for your input. That's for anyone. Hope you enjoy the video.

Volo ut sis!

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Hi, I want to thank you so much for the box! I received it and we Really appreicate your help! I hope you get this message because I'm a bit lost on the new set up!
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Hello everyone, I'm a single mother trying to make ends meet. I work part-time at a dead end job, with barely anything left when I'm done paying my bills. My car broke down 3 weeks ago, and I need a car to take my kids to their doctor appointments, important school functions, grocery shopping etc. If anyone can spare some money $1000 for at least a down payment on a reliable vehicle, I would greatly appreciate it. I've been looking all over the internet for car donation programs in my area, but there isn't any. Please, Please, Please I am in desperate need of a car. You can wire the money through either money gram or Western Union. Just leave your information on Thanks for listening
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in need of help fast
hello iam new and i was wondering if u can help me in how to use aidpage
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 in response to ldyann589...   this was not posted by me or my wife and i want it deleted
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 in response to divyaraja...   Hello. I took a quick look at your profile. Are you still in India? Did you wife complete her education? God Bless.
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Hi mam, I'm divyaraj logged on to aidpagelooking for a helping hand.I've discussed my problem on aidpage.Can u help me or else guide me to find a help??please...
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 in response to Inspiration...   : )
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 in response to dogeatdog...   Yes sir he was. He is still currently unemployed and he has put in dozens of applications and still nothing. his unemployment didnt come in and wont till the end of next month. we have three babies its hard.
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 in response to dogeatdog...   ok thank you and if they bring it up or call me i will surely let you know. my life is so hard right now. i am in need of formula for my baby, and money to get to my middle girls dental appointment again cause they screwed up on her teeth. the churches wont help they are out of funds. and there is no salvation army around here. i cry everyday over my worries
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